Civil Law

The Law Firm deals with all sorts of individual and special interests’ protection, of adversarial or non-judicial nature; our professionals are able to provide the best protection actions for the defence of properties and rights in rem, of individuals and personal rights, of obligations in all shapes and forms and of successions in the event of death.

Trade and Company Law

Our team of professionals constantly maintains an updated knowledge of the rules that regulate the life of companies, the production and trade of goods and services, contracts and potential problems. We especially supervise and manage corporate structures’ establishment and administration, their transformation, merger, division, dissolution or termination. The Law Firm has perfected its expertise in the contracts area, offering a great experience in drawing up custom contracts and all necessary consultancy to improve any kind of agreement.
In synergy with other professionals, our Law Firm redacts Models of organisation management and control (dlgs 231/2001) and our associates perform assignments in supervisory bodies of first instance or as members of collegiate bodies, according to the institution’s compliance.

Labour Law

The majority of our clients have an entrepreneurial nature, so we have especially improved our knowledge in drawing up contracts related to all different employments and in labour disputes; we take care of individual and collective dismissals, organisational processes in company crises and redundancy procedures with great responsability.
We also deal with issues related to agency relationships, including drawing up and reviewing contracts and providing legal advice in case of litigations.

Criminal Law

Our Law Firm deals with the defence of those suspected and accused in criminal trials (juvenile too) as well as with the representation and assistance of those offended by crimes and plaintiff; we make use of defensive investigation tools through the research and examination of deponents, medical examiner’s reports and the collaboration with third party specialised technical experts. During the years, our continuous updating and the careful defence strategy choices have rewarded us with great outcomes and achievements.

Family and Juvenile Law

We manage marital crises (separation, divorce, placement of children, maintenance obligations) both in the non-judicial and judicial stages. We handle with responsibility and competence all procedures related to children born outside marriage, to achieve regulation of parental responsibility and of maintenance as well as adoption and custody procedures.