Corporate and tax consultations

Our Law Firm helps companies in every stage of their life; we take care of company establishment, of tax management, administration, management control, financial reports, drawing up budgets, fulfilment of civil and tax obligations. Our Law Firm works in conjunction with Eurodata srl which provides accounting and administrative services.

Special procedures

We provide restructuring and reorganization of companies and corporate groups through planning and implementing of merger, divisions, provisions, acquisitions and sale procedures of companies and shareholdings.

M&A merger and acquisition procedures

We support companies and individuals in M&A procedures; we take care of due diligence and of drawing up statutes, shareholders’ agreements and trade contracts for shares, allowances and companies.

Group tax system

Our Law Firm supports the establishment and growth of many important corporate groups, both at local and national level. We are able to plan and develop the restructuring of national and international companies.

Tax planning for companies and individuals

We support many companies and corporate groups with tax planning, in particular when companies, associates, and generational transitions are involved.

Tax litigation

We support companies and individuals in the event of fiscal checks and inspections carried on by the Italian Fiscal Police (Guardia di Finanza), the IRS (Agenzia delle Entrate) or the Customs Police (Agenzia delle Dogane). We provide timely defence in case of fiscal checks related to direct, indirect and local taxes. During the years we have especially gained relevant experience in the defence of the taxpayer, before and during litigations, and we have provided many local and foreign companies and individuals with assistance before fiscal and finance authorities of first and second degree.

Debt restructuring and recovery plans

Our Law Firm supports companies in crisis through the drawing up of industrial plans and certification of recovery plans (art. 67, 161 and 182 bis Bankruptcy Law).

Regularisation of assets held abroad

We take care of tax regularisation of monetary and real estate assets held abroad (Voluntary Disclosure).